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This print is from a series of 14 depicting blackbird flocks in various formations. The prints are actually the notes from an elderly English gentleman who is sitting in a park in London, England perhaps with a knotted hankerchief on his head and wearing sturdy leather sandals with sport socks pulled up. This particular gentleman is a mathematician and hobby naturalist and so the notes he takes of the birds is similar to graphs or equations. The series includes one in which all the birds have flown away. And the gentleman in question? Well he is my grandfather James Saxby a lovely man who was incredibly patient and kind and taught me step by step the origins of the quadratic formula.

The images are 4.5 x 6 inches and the paper size is 11 x 15 inches. But of course these etchings are like all my works printed with archival inks on a cotton rag paper.

Blackbird, blackbird
Blackbird, blackbird
4.5 x 6 inch image size