Anna Jane McIntyre Visual artist
S'exposer aux intempéries, l'Atelier Graff
From May to October 2011, I had a large format digital print work on display on the Atelier Graff building in Montreal. The work was called Beaubienne Baptiste: Ballerine de la Nouvelle Vague.

The name Beaubienne Baptiste comes from my introductory wanderings around Montréal when I first moved to attend the Concordia University Print media MFA programme and was familiarising myself with all the street names. The name of rue Beaubien captured my imagination with its elegant alliteration and optimism, instantly conjured up a strong female character, une Montrealaise. Beaubienne Baptiste is a new wave ballerina superhero hovering just above the street life, an unusual sight to reward those with enough wherewithal to look up from the ground.