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Louis Cyr (born Cyprien-Noé Cyr, 1863-1912) was an infamous Quebecois strongman, the strongest man EVER to have lived. His feats including lifting 18 men on a platform at once, lifting 500 pounds with one finger, lifting a horse, beating 4 horses in a tug of war and this is just a few....

His statue is in my studio's hood as he patrolled this area when he worked as a police officer. I believe he has no direct descendants as his only child, a daughter named Emiliana Cyr, married a corrupt man, Zenon Aumont, who institutionalised her and cheated her out of her family's massive inheritance. I thought she didn't have children but now I discover that she had 2! Gerald Aumont and Ignace Aumont.

In any case, I have canonised M. Cyr and named an eccentric arts dépanneur after him, Dépanneur St.Cyr. So the interesting thing is that dépanneur actually means to help out of difficulty. So if we translate it in Anna-lingo-English it would be "Sincere help out of difficulty".

Louis Cyr statue in St.Henri
Louis Cyr statue in St.Henri