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Photograph by Heetesh Patel

This piece, The Conversation, was presented as part of the MLK50
exhibition, curated by KNGFU curators Vanessa Vaughan &
Karl-André St-Victor, at Place des Arts gallery, Montreal from February 5 to 18, 2013.
The exhibition included photographs never-before seen in Canada of Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. as well as 6 artists from both America and Canada.

The Conversation is a work honouring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s I have a dream speech of 1963. This sculptural work is created from modest materials including plywood, latex paint, chalk and used clothing. These carefully chosen commonplace materials pay homage to Dr. King's use of philosophy, non-violent action and accessible language to encourage all members of society to participate in creating a future that recognises the inherent right for all human beings to be treated with equality and respect.

I designed The Conversation to be imperfect, intriguing, warm and hard working. My intention was to invite passersby to venture into the exhibition space and spend some time reflecting on our collective recent history, civil rights and the distance we have travelled from then until now.

The Conversation at MLK50 Exhibition, Place des Arts, 2013
The Conversation
Mixed media: wood, blackboard paint, chalk, pigment, Indian ink, gold leaf, beeswax, old clothes
variable, installation space of approx. 7 x 7 feet