Anna Jane McIntyre Visual artist
David and Kerry
This inaccurate portrait was commissioned by David as a present for his partner Kerry for a St.Valentine's day present many years ago. I installed myself at their house and drew for hours. Their curtains gave me no end of headaches to render. Afterwards, Kerry presented the most gorgeous meal imaginable. He trained as a chef in France at Cordon Bleu. However, he made the ONLY thing in the world I was allergic to, sole fish. It was so beautiful I decided I would rather die than tell him I had had 2 allergic reactions while eating it. After avoiding it for years, I took a bite expecting I would die. Nothing happened!! I still don't eat it though. It was a good experience to learn that one of my weaknesses is that, yes, it is possible I would let myself die than be rude and ungracious. Death by politeness may be in my cards.