Artwork > Game Face (Now You Know) The Visual Life of Social Affliction: A Small Axe Project

Game Face (Now You Know) from The Visual Life of Social Affliction: A Small Axe Project
Game Face (Now You Know)
6 x 10 feet, at largest and highest points

Linden woodcut prints, Akua printing inks, Arnhem 1618 cotton rag printmaking paper, Winsor & Newton watercolours, copper nails, stories, lies, facts, assorted truths, hearsay, heresy, graphite, pencil crayon, blood, sweat, tears, spit, elbow grease, rhinestones, glue, gold leaf, silver leaf, bronze leaf, glitter, Darjeeling tea, Trinidadian cocoa, Trinidadian cinnamon, Québécois sage smoke

Game Face (Now You Know) at The National Gallery of The Bahamas, 2019

Game Face (Now You Know) was commissioned for the travelling exhibition
The Visual Life of Social Affliction: A Small Axe Project

Curated by David Scott, Nijah Cunningham, Erica Moiah James and Juliet Ali

Images by Jackson Petit-Homme, courtesy of The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas.

From the webpage of The National Gallery of The Bahamas:

"The Visual Life of Social Affliction seeks to grapple with the ways in which Caribbean visual practice critically engages long-standing experiences of social suffering. Recognizing the real senses in which the Caribbean not only was born in the structural violence of Native genocide, African slavery, and Indian indenture instituted by colonial powers, but has been sustained since then by the relentless continuation of institutionalized disrespect, disregard, and dishonor, this project seeks to capture the destructive impact of dominating powers on the lives of Caribbean people. Our wager is that the visual arts constitute one of the most vital expressive and hermeneutic optics through which to explore social life in general and the life of social affliction in particular.

Participating artists include Marcel Pinas, Anna Jane McIntyre, Miguel Luciano, Florine Demosthene, Patricia Kaersenhout, Belkis Ramírez, René Peña, Ricardo Edwards, Blue Curry and Kara Springer."

Participating writers include Kaneesha Parsard, Nicole Smythe-Johnson, Marielle Barrow, Erica Moiah James, David Scott, Claire tancons, Chandra Frank, Anna Kesson, Christina León

A catalogue is available at Small Axe.