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Ten Cent Hero, Circus Installation
Ten Cent Hero, Circus Installation

Ten Cent Hero, multidisciplinary circus exhibition
McClure Gallery , Montreal, December 2019

Photos by Stephanie Reynolds courtesy of the McClure Gallery

This exhibition featured a soundscape featuring a walk through an imagined across the ages circus abstract.
A help-yourself popcorn bar with always fresh popcorn and a variety of toppings was provided for visitors.
A disco ball slowly turned and invited viewers to animate the space however they felt comfortable. Children-of-all-ages were able to run around and animate the do-it-yourself puppet theatre. The puppets were arranged at a height to prioritise those in wheelchairs and strollers.
A bingo cage with cards and balls was available for people to touch and play with.
The theatrical lighting incorporated viewers shadows into the installation and an accordion was available for those who knew how to play.
Visitors were invited to participate as introvertedly or extrovertedly as they felt to.
Seating was provided for those who needed a quiet spot to rest and draw or read or sit and breathe and bask in being.
The turn-it-yourself chance wheel welcomed being touched and turned.
behind the strongman Louis Cyr was a flip-sequin curtain that invited visitors to touch it and doodle drawings and messages in the sequins which revealed different colours as they flipped from one side to another.