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Briga dans La forêt noire
3 min 10 s

Vidéo par Benoit Z. Leroux

C'est Briga dans La forêt noire!
Briga and Alix are playing the chanson, ARRIVÉE, de Briga (l'album "Territoire lancé le 29 oct. 2020).

Here we have the last happening in La forêt noire at the Maison de la culture Mercier, the final spot of its Conseil des arts de Montréal en tournée tour.
Thank you Briga @brigamusic & Alix @alixnoelguery for your beautiful and generous visit to the forest and music!
Thank you Anne-Marie Hamel @hanmary44 for all your fabulous efforts in keeping the La forêt noire alive and facilitating the fun programming during this challenging era.
Thank you Benoit Z. Leroux @benoit.z.l for this amazing video!
Thank you to @mtlartsinter and and @canada.council for all the support and making this project and tour possible!