Artwork > Feelin' Alright


ArtistsInspire Teaching Artist Anna Jane McIntyre's collaboration with Saint Gabriel Elementary

Videography & Editing: Jonathan Inksetter
ASL Interpretation and performance by Ebony R. Gooden

Featuring music by Saint Gabriel elementary’s school band, The Mockingbirds

Saint Gabriel Elementary Teachers
Visual Arts & Drama: Naomi Aldrich
Music: John Dodge

Video animator artist
Nina Pariser

Original Lyricist “Feeling Alright’
David Mason

This project was made possible by an ArtistsInspire Microgrant from ELAN ArtEd
From the ArtistsInspire website:

"Micro-Grants to support and strengthen cultural, artistic and heritage expressions
Through its Action Plan for Official Languages 2018-2023: Investing in Our Future, the Government of Canada announced the creation of a new Micro-Grant program to support and strengthen the cultural, artistic and heritage expressions of official-language minority communities (OLMCs). In consultation with arts and culture organizations, the Department of Canadian Heritage developed ententes with ELAN and the FCCF (la Fédération culturelle canadienne-française) to manage the program for the English minority language communities in Quebec and the French minority language communities in the rest of Canada."