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Le contexte, c'est tout

"Le contexte c'est tout" is a healing Blackness poem and portion of the multimedia performance work commissionedfor Afflux : Monde Bossale at Articule. Beautifully interpreted in LSQ by Daphney Pierre-Louis from The audio reading here was provided by artist Pierre Luc Junet.
My performance description is below:
The practical concerns that connection demands can be incongruous, tongue-twisting, shifting perceptions of interpreted freedoms, assumed responsibilities and rough-shod stereotypes. Rolling through an altered alphabet and abecedarium of mixed-up-foggy-feelings-and-memories. I am I. You are You. We. Visual vistas, What ifs, Remember whens. A voiceless bodyfull performance with colour and sound. We play games. We dress up. Many lingos hint at slivers of sense. The dice is rolled, steps are taken and consequences revealed. Come as you are or don't come at all. For sure, there will be too many props and costume changes. Possible participation.