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Beaubienne Baptiste Cries Over Fracking in Brazil
Beaubienne Baptiste in Brazil in 'Nós Cegos'
ArtBio Brasil 'Nós Cegos'

A gallery of ideas, a collective for the sake of science and art

The ArtBio develops science communication projects and promotes cultural and educational activities with attractive aesthetic features to share knowledge.

We aim to democratize science through artistic perspective, transforming scientific research into accessible information and providing greater public understanding of science and art.

Paula Carneiro

Scientific adviser
Stevens Rehen


Science Today | scientific images Exposure landed at the international airport in Rio de Janeiro. Read +

The Globe | Virtual exhibition brings together images produced by scientists in laboratories as if they were art.

Shows "ArtBio" displays 60 'works' captured from different resources, such as microscopes. Read +

The Globe A More | Science yes, art too

ArtBio show features a number of amazing images taken by Brazilian scientists in the laboratory. Read + | See the cover

Zero Hour | Science in art form

Two photographs of UFRGS part of the virtual exhibition ArtBio
Show seeks to connect scientists and society through scientific processes curious images. Read +

Science Today | The beautiful Brazilian science

Science is not only made ​​the cold light of laboratories and objectivity of scientific articles, on the contrary, ArtBio 2014 first exhibition of Brazilian art science proves that the research has heart and artistic talent! Read +

Estadão | Landscaping or tumor cells? The art of making science the microscope

Virtual show brings scientific images produced by Brazilian researchers who seem to works of art. Read +